Tilkynning um breytingu á litakóða eldfjalls


Tími: 16. maí 2022, 09:40

Litakóði:  Gulur 

Númer eldfjalls: 371020

More than 3000 earthquakes have been automatically detected nearby Eldvorp in the Reykjanes/Svartsengi volcanic system in the past week. Since yesterday (15.05), nine earthquakes had magnitude above M3 and two above M4. The largest event had a magnitude of M4.3 occurred on 15.05 at 17:38 UTC. The seismicity is located at a depth between 4 and 6 km. Recent deformation observations (both cGPS and InSAR) identified the onset of a new inflation event west of Thorbjörn likely caused by magma intrusion. Preliminary modelling results indicate the source is located at a depth between 4-5 km. In light of the increased seismic activity and the ongoing deformation in the Reykjanes/Svartsengi volcanic system the aviation color code is elevated from GREEN to YELLOW. The Civil Protection Department of Iceland elevated their alert level to UNCERTAINTY level on 15.05.

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The Reykjanes/Svartsengi volcanic system is the westernmost systems belonging to the Reykjanes peninsula. It became restless since Deecember 2019-January 2020 when elevated seismicity and repeated magmatic intrusions affected the area. More information on background activity, eruptive scenarios and volcanic hazards is available at icelandicvolcanoes.is/?volcano=REY.

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