Low level flight conditions over Iceland

                 Low level flight conditions over Iceland


OUTLOOK 1700 - 2300 GMT.

Winds/temperature at significant levels:
FL050: 270/35-60KT, strongest in the N, -01
FL100: 270/40-65KT, strongest in the N, -07
FL180: 260/40-70KT, strongest by the N-coast, -21

Overview of weather systems:
850 km S of Iceland is an extensive 1050 mb high that moves S.

Near surface winds:
SW-erly and W-elry winds, 35-60 KT, strongest in the N.

Cloud heights/visibility/weather:
BKN/OVC at 1000-2500 FT in the W-ern parts with rain or drizzle and limited or poor visibility. FEW/SCT above 3000-4000 FT and mostly dry in the E with good visibility. Tops widely at 12.000 to 20.000 FT.

Visual flight conditions in Iceland:
Impassable in the W, but good in the E.

Freezing level:
From 1500 FT in the W, up to 6500 FT by the E-coast.

Atmospheric or cloud icing:
LGT above FZL in the W parts.

LGT, but MOD in the N and E parts, especially close to mountains.

Other information:
Mountain waves have been observed in NE-Iceland. See SIGMET.

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