Low level flight conditions over Iceland

                 Low level flight conditions over Iceland


OUTLOOK 1200 - 1700 GMT.

Winds/temperature at significant levels:
FL050: 270/05-20KT, strongest in the NE-part, +02
FL100: 280/10-20KT, -07
FL180: 300/10-20KT, -23

Overview of weather systems:
350 km NE of Jan Mayen there is a 990 mb low moving slowly S. Over Greenland there is a stationary 1025 mb high.

Near surface winds:
W-ly winds 05-15 KT, but 20-25KT in the northeasternmost part.

Cloud heights/visibility/weather:
SCT/BKN at 1500-2500 FT and scatterd showers of rain with limted visibility, especially in the central highlands. FEW/SCT above 2500 FT in the east parts and good visibility.

Visual flight conditions in Iceland:
Marginal, but good in E-Iceland.

Freezing level:
4000-6000 FT, lowest in the NE.

Atmospheric or cloud icing:


Other information:

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